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Truly Madly Deeply DVD

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In Anthony Minghella's directorial debut, Nina (Juliet Stevenson) is trying to put her life back together following the untimely death of her boyfriend, Jamie (Alan Rickman). She still hears his voice in her head, telling her to lock the back door, or instructing her in the proper way to brush her teeth. Nina gets the shock of her life when Jamie returns to her--still dead, but there in the flesh nevertheless. Just as the two settle back into their comfortable relationship, Nina meets Mark (Michael Maloney), a kind, quirky fellow who is obviously drawn to her. Nina is then caught between two worlds and two men--one dead and from and her past, the other alive and in the present. A supporting cast of mildly eccentric characters adds flavor to this romantic comedy about finding love where and when you least expect it. Stevenson is enchanting as Nina, instilling her with humor and grief simultaneously. Rickman's performance as Jamie, a dead cellist who brings other dead friends to hang out at Nina's flat, is wonderfully subtle and droll.

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