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Tobacco Road DVD REGION 1

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This is an underrated classic from director John Ford, which doesn't quite match "The Grapes Of Wrath" but has a wonderful touching affect all its own. Adapted (or some might say, cleansed) from Erskine Caldwell's novel and James Kirkland's Broadway play, concerning a backwoods, dirt-poor Georgia family who may soon lose their home and their land. Charlie Grapewin and Elizabeth Patterson give touching performances as Pa and Ma Lester, with only two of their many children who still reside with them. One is their supreme annoyance of a son, Dude (William Tracy), who becomes so irritating that I couldn't help but wish that someone would put him out of his misery. Gene Tierney plays their daughter, Ellie May, who pants after her brother-in-law, Lov (Ward Bond), who is smitten with her but is afraid to marry her. Enter Captain Tim Harmon (Dana Andrews), who assists the clan in preserving their land. Marjorie Rambeau's portrayal of Sister Bessie Rice is great also. Funny, touching, entertaining, interesting . . . . . . .And getting to see Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews in an early film together before they were paired again later in their starring careers make this worth it for viewing alone.

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