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The Heartbreak Kid DVD

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Elaine May's second film, THE HEARTBREAK KID was also her most successful comedy. Reminiscent of her old partner Mike Nichols's THE GRADUATE, THE HEARTBREAK KID deals with themes of misguided choices, the idea of true love, and how lust colors both--all with the unique comic spin created by May and screenwriter and playwright Neil Simon. Charles Grodin is his fumbling, bumbling best as Lenny. When he meets pretty Lila (Jeannie Berlin, May's real-life daughter) in a bar, their quick courtship leads to marriage. However, on their drive south to their Miami honeymoon, Lenny's having second thoughts by the time they get to Virginia. When they get to Florida, Lila's quirks are driving him crazy. Lila is trapped in their room after she gets a fierce sunburn their first day; newly liberated, Lenny meets beautiful coed Kelly (Cybill Shepherd). The glamorous, blonde Kelly is everything Lila isn't--and everything Lenny has decided he wants. When Lenny's surreptitious meetings with Kelly blossom into more than he planned for, he is forced to choose whether he wants to have his cake, eat it...or maybe try the pecan pie. May's legendary vision--and her perfectionism--create a funny, touching, and fast-paced film classic.

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