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Song of the South DVD

NOTE: This is a new, factory sealed DVD that plays in English on US and Canadian DVD players. The quality is excellent.

After the Civil War, down in the south, a boy named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) is excited about a trip to visit his grandparents. However, his visit soon turns painful as he learns that his parents are separating, and his dad returns to Atlanta. Determined to run away, he starts off for Atlanta with all his possessions in a bag. As he starts leaving the plantation, he hears Uncle Remus (James Baskett) telling a group of people stories about Br’er Rabbit. He stops to listen, and people start looking for him. Uncle Remus reassures them he knows where the boy is. Then he befriends Johnny and thru his Br’er Rabbit stories convinces him to stay at home. Johnny befriends a little girl named Ginny. She gives him a puppy, and her older brothers want to drown it. Uncle Remus once again saves the day with his stories. Johnny’s mother gets angry because Uncle Remus kept the dog, so she demands he not tell any more stories. Uncle Remus, unhappy about the way he’s being treated, leaves for Atlanta. Johnny chases him and is injured by a bull. Although he almost dies, one of Uncle Remus’ stories pulls him through.

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Madpioneer last year

Great version. Picture and audio is clear. Picture is not high end HD but probably the best you can get for this DVD. No distorted picture on the bottom of your screen like a VHS dub would produce. Obviously a very good source was used to make this DVD. No skipping, no abrupt stops. Plays clean and clear all the way through. Nice menu, basic but nice. After getting one for myself to finally see this film again in it's entirety and now ordering another as a gift for someone I know that collects Disney animated films.

anonymous last year

Given the fact that this title is so hard to find and the controversy surrounding it, I had my doubts that this would be legit. The DVD is everything I hoped it would be. Thank you so much.

Baxter Williams last year

I have been trying to buy a decent copy of this movie on DVD for 6 months. It's become almost an obsession. And I can see by the reviews here that others have had the same problems as I have -- wading through all the fly-by-night websites that either take your money and run or send you a burned DVD-R without a case and just the name of the movie scrawled on the disc in magic marker. The one that did come in a case, the picture and sound were terrible, not even watchable with all the stops and starts. I had all but given up finding a decent version until I found your site and decided to try yet again. Needless to say it played just like you said it would -- high quality and uncut with all the scenes. I hope others who are a fan of this movie will find your site. And I hope my review helps.

Steve last year

Good version. Thank you.

Enid Baker last year

Thank you people! Finally we are able to watch this movie without it skipping or losing sound quality. I have spend so much money in the last 6 months trying to find a good quality DVD of this movie. We bought one from alamodvd and then, when that one wouldn't play all the way through, another one from mayancastledvd (which I found out later is the same company). Complete waste of money! And I'm still trying to get that money back. I have reported them to the BBB. Anyway, forgive my ranting. I am still angry but very happy to have received the one from you that actually works. I'll be back, I promise. Right around Christmas time.

Gladys Hempstead last year

The DVDs arrived Tuesday and we were able to watch Song of the South last night. It played perfectly just as you promised it would. We will be ordering other titles from you.

Cheryl Brown last year

Play great. Thank you.

Travis W. Dent last year

Thank you so much for making this rare movie available. I just watched it with 3 of my grandkids, wanting to share with them a pleasant memory from my own childhood. (I'm 82 years old!) They loved it and went around after singing the zippedy do dah song! I also wanted to thank you for the personal follow-up email you sent me asking how I like the DVD. It plays wonderfully, just like I remember it in the theater. And I just noticed that you have a buy 3 get one free deal going on. I'm going to take you up on that. I think the kids will appreciate a copy of their own. Take care, and by the way, I love your paintings.

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