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Sammy Going South DVD

NOTE: This DVD video - as are all the DVDs we sell - is playable on US DVD players.

A Boy Ten Feet Tall DVD (Sammy Going South DVD) Region 1. Complete, Uncut. Widescreen. Deluxe Edition : Digitally Remastered. Color. Edward G. Robinson, Fergus McClelland.

When ten-year-old Sammy Hartland is orphaned after his parents are killed in an air raid in Egypt, the boy sets out to reach his aunt five thousand miles away in Durban, South Africa. An array of colorful characters and startling experiences greet Sammy on his journey. Along the way, he meets Cocky Wainwright - a grizzled old diamond smuggler who regales the boy with tales of his checkered past. Cocky proves to be an encouragement as Sammy strives to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds against completing his walk across Africa. A marvelous and inspiring adventure for all ages!

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