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Rollover DVD

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A perfectly groomed Jane Fonda (KLUTE) stars in ROLLOVER as a former film star whose corporate mogul husband is suddenly and mysteriously murdered. Fonda seeks the help of Kris Kristofferson (HEAVEN'S GATE) a financial troubleshooter, and together they try to expose the murderers and safeguard Fonda's finances. Kristofferson consoles Fonda on both financial and personal matters and the two travel to Saudi Arabia to broker a deal that will give Fonda the board chairmanship of her inherited firm. The Arab investors, however, pull a trump card on the pair, throwing the international financial network in an uproar. Conspiracy, political intrigue and big stars are at the heart of this film, as is true of a number of Alan J. Pakula's excellent films of the 1970s such as KLUTE, THE PARALLAX VIEW, and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN.

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