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Of Mice and Men DVD Gary Sinese John Malkovich

NOTE: This DVD video - as are all the DVDs we sell - is playable on US DVD players.

Horton Foote's adaptation of John Steinbeck's tragic tale about two migrant farmworkers in Depression-era California. Lennie, a sweet-natured, mentally-retarded man who doesn't realize his own crushing strength, and George, his companion and protector, befriend an aging farmhand on the ranch where they work as wheat harvesters. The three men resolve to buy a farm together and escape their down-trodden existence as itinerant laborers. But their dream is shattered when the child-like Lennie accidentally strangles the flirtatious wife of the ranch owner's son and George and Lennie are forced to run for their lives.

Before buying, this movie is also included in The Steinbeck Collection which also contains Viva Zapata (starring Marlon Brando), Cannery Row (starring Nick Nolte and Debra Winger), The Grapes of Wrath (starring Henry Fonda) and Tortilla Flat (starring Spencer Tracy and Heddy Lamarr). Buy the collection and save!

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