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Loving You DVD Elvis Presley

NOTE: This DVD video - as are all the DVDs we sell - is playable on US DVD players.

An eager publicist discovers Jimmy Tompkins (Elvis Presley) while she's touring through the South with a swingin' hillbilly band. Convinced of his talent, she persuades the guys to give the young man a chance. The pairing clicks and the group starts to take off, "creating" an early form of rock-n-roll along the way. As Jimmy becomes more successful he pursues a romance with a comely country gal (Lizabeth Scott), but finds himself increasingly confused about the new course his life is taking. Things really heat up when the band lands a spot on national TV -- their one shot at the big time. Will the King bail out just as things are getting good? LOVING YOU, Elvis' second feature appearance, features such hits as "Teddy Bear," and "Got A Lot of Livin' To Do."

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