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Crimes of Passion UNRATED DVD

Ken Russell's sexual caricature finds an all-American man, who's trapped in a sexless marriage, falling in love with a businesswoman who turns into a hooker by night. A psychotic priest (Perkins) tries to prevent their union, driving the wedge between love and sex. A thoughtful, sometimes very shocking study of sex, love and religion.

Synopsis: China Blue, a sexy streetwalker, plies her trade of S&M sex tricks all night. And each morning she sheds her midnight persona for her sexually-repressed appearance at a 9-5 job as a clothing designer. But when a fanatical holy man starts hunting her down, the wall between her two lives come crashing down.

Industry Reviews "...Turner gives the performance of her life....Almost compulsively watchable..." -- Rating: A Entertainment Weekly - Steve Simels (09/06/1996)

"...Kathleen Turner's gutsy performance as a repressed designer who streetwalks by night is reason enough to see this..." USA Today - Mike Clark (09/13/1996)

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